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You have questions? Sweet!! We have answers

You have questions? Sweet!! We have answers


We try to match rides by sizes. Generally, 8 children from 2-8 years old, up to 6 children from 8-12 years old, up to 4 older teens or 3 adults only. Depending on size and weight of children numbers may need to be decreased

No deposit is required at time of booking.

We rent by the day. We drop off the morning of the party and pick up that day after the party is over. Our pick-up times start at 7pm.

Kids love bouncing on the inflatables because they are colorful, bigger than life toys. If they get a bounce house for a party o event, they will not run short of playmates, since all kids enjoy the fun-filled experience. Moreover, these healthy bouncers are available in different themes, styles, color and sizes that help to capture the imagination of the kids who adore playing in them. They are also available depending on the age groups that attend the special event. The common categories in bounce house inflatables are the basic ones, the combo units, the obstacle courses, slides and the sports/interactive ones. Overall, with an infinite assortment of fun activities, bounce houses are healthy and ideal for any event. So, no matter what, with bounce houses the kids at your party will surely have an enjoyable.