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So and So Rents Their Bounce Houses Cheaper

So and So Rents Their Bounce Houses Cheaper

So, we get a hand full of calls where customers ask us the cost of our bounce houses.  After we provide them the information, they either say So and So rents theirs for cheaper or What else does that come with.  Although I wish our prices were the cheapest in town, there are companies out their that are cheaper.  What exactly does this mean for me?  What does it mean for the rental company?  Those are both great questions.  For starters, there is an old saying, You get what you pay for.  This is true in the bounce house rental business as well.  In order to determine our prices, we look at several factors:

1. Price to purchase/replace the unit

2. Price to have it delivered and picked up

3. Cost to have it cleaned every week

4. Cost of electricity

5. Cost of insurance

6. Cost of storage

7. Cost of marketing

8. Cost of taxes

9. And several other things as well

The things above and more are all expenses needed to operate a friendly, safe, customer oriented, clean, law abiding business.  Cutting into these things eventually affects the customer that rents bounce houses.  Several times per month we receive frantic phone calls from customers saying their bounce house company didn't show up and can we bring something out now.  We get other phone calls from customers saying the other companies they called didn't answer the phone.  Others no longer want to use their company because their units are old, torn, or dirty, or provide horrible customer service.  All of these scenarios are generally because the bounce house rental company isn't taking their business seriously enough to do all the steps above.  Now please understand, no company is perfect and some things happen to the best of us but they are singled out issues and not ongoing problems.  So as you do your research, please ask more questions that how much does it cost.  Make sure to ask:

1. Do you carry insurance? Yes we are and New York State should make it mandatory

2. How often are your units cleaned? Generally cleaned before each event, or every week

4. What happens if you are late to my party? We have never missed a party start time!!!!

5. What is your cancellation policy for a)weather b)anything else?

6. What happens if my unit gets damaged before my event? What is your back up plan?

7.  Are there any additional fees I need to be aware of? Delivery fee, set up, per hour rental, etc

8. Is the unit free of damages such as rips and tears? Make sure to inspect unit when delivered

9. Are you safety trained and certified to set up bounce houses? There are several organizations that help keep us up to date with the best and latest set up procedures for safety

There are several other factors involved other than price that can help you make a well educated decision as to what type of company you are possibly choosing to work with.  Remember, there is only 1 chance to get this right.  There are no do overs for your child first birthday.  Choose a company that values that just as much as you do.

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