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Pony Hop Race Track

Pony Hop Race Track


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Available Booking Options

1-6 Hours


Picked up after 9:00am



2 Day Special
Drop off before 11am pick up next day after 5pm



Holidays and Other Busy Times May Affect Pricing
we reserve the right to decline for any reason

Setup Area: 46L X 26W X 13H

Actual Size: 40L X 20W X 12H

Monitors: 2

Outlets: 1

Pony Hop Race Track

Looking for an exciting addition to your upcoming event? Look no further than our Pony Hop Race Track for rent! This thrilling rental includes a variety of inflatable horses in different sizes, ensuring that everyone can participate in the fun-filled race.

Get ready to cheer on your favorite pony as they bounce and hop their way to the finish line. With a lively "Ready, set, go!" start, the race is on, and you'll be captivated watching the ponies race, chase, and hop towards victory.

Ideal for a wide range of events such as schools, churches, prom parties, and community gatherings, the Pony Hop Race Track is guaranteed to provide endless entertainment for all participants. Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity to add a unique and engaging activity to your next event!