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Giant Yardzee

Giant Yardzee


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Available Booking Options

1-6 Hours


Picked up after 9:00am



2 Day Special
Drop off before 11am pick up next day after 5pm



Holidays and Other Busy Times May Affect Pricing
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Giant Yardzee at Bounce USA


Bounce USA LLC offers the ultimate outdoor gaming experience with Giant Yardzee, a supersized take on the classic dice game. For just $40, you can rent this game for 1-6 hours, making it a perfect addition to any event, from backyard barbecues to large community gatherings.

Giant Yardzee encourages players to roll oversized dice in an attempt to score based on traditional Yahtzee rules. It's a game that combines luck with strategy, providing entertainment for guests of all ages.

Available Booking Options:

  • 1-6 Hours: $40.00
  • Overnight (Picked up after 9:00am): $52.00
  • 2 Day Special (Drop off before 11am pick up next day after 5pm): $60.00

Whether you're hosting a casual get-together or a large-scale event, Giant Yardzee adds a fun and competitive element that's sure to engage your guests. Its simple setup and engaging gameplay make it a hit among attendees, ensuring your event is memorable.

Why Rent Giant Yardzee for Your Event?

  • Engaging and Fun: Offers a classic game in a new, larger-than-life format.
  • Suitable for All Ages: A game that everyone can enjoy, regardless of age or skill level.
  • Affordable Entertainment: With rental options starting at just $40, it's a cost-effective way to add excitement to your event.
  • Versatile Game Option: Perfect for a wide range of events, from casual backyard gatherings to formal corporate events.


Elevate your next event with the Giant Yardzee game. Contact Bounce USA LLC today to reserve this game and ensure your party is a hit among guests of all ages!

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