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Amazon Journey

Amazon Journey


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Available Booking Options

1-6 Hours


Picked up after 9:00am



2 Day Special
Drop off before 11am pick up next day after 5pm



Holidays and Other Busy Times May Affect Pricing
we reserve the right to decline for any reason

Setup Area: 101L X 17W X 18H

Actual Size: 95L X 11W X 17H

Monitors: 2

Outlets: 3

Amazon Journey Obstacle Course
Introducing our thrilling and action-packed 3 piece 95 foot inflatable Amazon Journey obstacle course! Designed to bring non-stop excitement to any event, this inflatable masterpiece features two lanes filled with a variety of exhilarating challenges.

Prepare to navigate through a maze of pop ups, where you'll test your agility and speed as you leap, duck, and dodge your way past these inflatable obstacles. Next, brace yourself for the knockdowns, as you push through barriers that require strength and determination to overcome. The squeeze walls will put your flexibility to the test, as you maneuver your way through narrow passages, adding an extra layer of challenge to the course.

But the excitement doesn't end there! Our inflatable obstacle course also includes tunnels, allowing you to crawl and weave your way through tight spaces, adding an element of strategy to your adventure. And just when you thought you've conquered it all, get ready for the grand finale – a breathtaking 17-foot tall slide that will send you soaring down to the finish line!

So, gather your friends, family, or colleagues and get ready to challenge yourselves in an epic race to the finish line. Are you ready to conquer the ultimate inflatable obstacle course adventure?