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7 Frame Carnival Games

7 Frame Carnival Games


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Rent all 7 of our Frame Carnival Games for an incredible deal! Choose any three games from our exciting selection and enjoy endless fun. 

  • One of our wackiest games is Chef Challenge. This giant carnival game is perfect for all ages. Whether indoors or outdoors, Chef Challenge is sure to be a hit!
  • Who says you need a snowstorm to have a snowball fight? With our Snowball Fight game, kids and adults can enjoy the thrill of throwing snowballs at strategic spots on the snow fort, sled, and hillside.
  • If you're looking for a thrilling challenge, try our Zap the Zombies game. This giant carnival game features creepy creatures of the un-dead. Use the Velcro dart or balls to throw at the targets and see how many zombies you can zap. It's a fun and exciting game that will keep players entertained for hours.
  • For a hilarious and entertaining game, check out Chicken Flingers. Kids will love catapulting rubber chickens into the chef's pot. Set it up in no time and let the laughter begin.
  • To add a festive touch to your fall festival or Halloween party, try our Pumpkin Pitch game. Kids can throw cute Jack-O-Lanterns into the pumpkin target. .
  • Let not forget about one of our most popular games. Monkey Poo Dodgeball. The name alone brings smiles to everyones face. Test your skills as you try to fling poo at the monkeys
  • Last toss your fur friends to safety before they get squished by the on coming traffic. Can you get them home or will they end up roadkill.