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Who’s brave enough to sit on the hot seat? A great way to entertain the entire party or event is with a dunk tank rental Buffalo NY. They provide tons of laughter and excitement as everyone spectating just waiting in suspense for who will be the next participant to hit the target sending the VIP into 500 gallons of water. Dunk tanks are great for large events, fundraisers, church functions, school festivals, and more.

While they are a classic, yet a staple idea for many events, everything still has a great time. Invite your local politicians, teachers, coaches, family members, bosses, co-workers, pastors, and more to be the person on what we like to call the “hot seat”. The anticipation of when they will be dunked is all worth it. Browse our pretty awesome dunk tank rentals Buffalo NY below and book your event entertainment today. Toss in some concessions for some tasty treats while your guests are spectating.

Commercial Grade Dunk Tank Buffalo NY

At Bounce USA, we have only commercial-grade options for a dunk tank Buffalo NY. Our dunking booth holds up to 500 gallons of water. The lucky person on the dunk booth will be suspended sitting await until someone hits that big red target plunging them into the tank. Watch and laugh as they fall into the water through our window on the tank. We are one of the few that has a high-quality dunk tank in Buffalo NY.

They are easy to set up and move around if you have enough room to accommodate. Typically, each person gets to toss 3 softball-sized practice balls at a 12” or smaller red steel target roughly 20 to 25 feet away. A great way to raise money by charging folks a few bucks at their chance to dunk a local celebrity or the like. Our local schools love them for field days as they get to dunk their coaches and teachers not to mention, the principal! Book your next dunk tank Buffalo NY today. They go great with our obstacle courses.

How to Book Dunk Tank Rentals Buffalo NY

It’s simple really, just click on our dunk tank and hit that add to cart button. It will take you through the prompts for customer and event information. Our system will automatically send you a series of emails upon booking and leading up to the event date. If you have any questions in the meantime, don’t hesitate to reach out to our friendly event staff. We deliver our dunk tank rentals Buffalo, NY all over the surrounding areas in Erie County, and more.