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When you think of FUN, do our bounce houses Buffalo NY kids enjoy come to mind? If that is a yes, then you're in the right place because here at Bounce USA we have affordable bounce houses Buffalo NY can rely on. Anything from a backyard party to a church event, we have you covered. These awesome inflatable structures provide hours of fun for the kids, ages 3 and up. Depending on the model, they can typically hold 8-12 kids at once. There is a reason parents for all these years choose to rent a bounce house in Buffalo NY for parties. Tons of fun!

We have a few color schemes or themes to choose from so no matter what type of party you are having, we are sure to have something that will suit you. Finding the right entertainment is key for your guests. While they may seem like just a basic boring bounce house in Buffalo, NY, they provide the children hours of fun laughing, jumping, and enjoying the healthy activity. Sit back and relax while the kids play so you can enjoy some friendly conversation amongst family and friends. Just browse the selection below and click on the image or more info to book your bounce houses Buffalo NY needs online!

All Kinds to Choose from for a Bounce House Buffalo NY

We know planning a party is a little stressful so let us help ease that for you. Our inventory has all kinds to choose from for a bounce house Buffalo NY kids go crazy over. Depending on the size of your event, we have options to fulfill every need. Our standard sized bounce houses for rent Buffalo NY backyard parties love are 13x13 or 15x15. For years, they have been the staple for a birthday party for kids ages 3 all the way to 13, even older. While adults like to enjoy them as well, over the years they have evolved into way more than just a bouncer. We have upgraded versions called combos that feature a bounce house with a slide. Who knew, right?

With way more features to entertain the guests, they are perfect for the older kids. Available with a dry slide or wet slide, the options are endless. Either way, Bounce USA has you covered for entertainment for any size party in the Buffalo, New York area. If you need a little more challenging fun, then try out obstacle courses with are action-packed with tons of features. They are great for larger events and the older crowd. Don't forget the tasty treats to go along with your Buffalo NY bounce house either with our concessions and add-ons. Trust the best like the rest and choose Bounce USA when looking to rent bounce house Buffalo NY trusts.