Who we are and our mission

It was our oldest child’s birthday and everything was all set:

Family Invited ✅

Food menu picked ✅

Location selected ✅

Friends RSVP'D ✅

Great Weather ✅

Everything was going smooth except we forgot to order the bounce house. It was Labor Day weekend and it seemed like everyone was sold out or if they had something it was outrageously priced.

We ended up finding a company that had a bounce house and the price was unbelievable. He said he would come out to set it up and pick it up at no extra charge. What a life saver he was.

The party day was here and everything was a go. The company said they would be here by 10 and it was now 10:30. I get a call he was on his way just running late. No biggie, things happen. He shows up at 11 to set up. Everything was done by 11:15 and he was on his way. I walk over to the bounce house after he left only to find a castle that looked 100 years old embedded with dirt, mud and grime. Some it looked so old that it has become part of the unit overtime. People were going to be showing up any minute so I took matters into my own hands. The wife and I hopped in there and cleaned that thing from top to bottom.

It was that day the seed was planted. I had the experience since I worked carnivals during the summers from the age of 9 till I was 19. I learned how to run multiple games and rides during that time. I even spend a few weekends running the bounce house.

The following May I came home with 2 bounce houses. I wanted to bring safe, affordable and clean fun to kids around Western New York. The next thing I knew 2 became 4, 4 became 8 and this thing literally blew up right before our eyes. We have bounce houses, bounce houses with slides (bounce house combo), water slides, slip and slides and obstacle courses.

We are a fully insured family owned business. In the beginning it was me, then my wife and I. Soon I became the first "boss"; to my nephew and daughter. Every set up is done the same way. We show up on time, walk the yard with the customer so we can under their vision. We set up, clean every unit on location in front of you and most importantly it’s done correctly so your guests are safe. Nothing is more satisfying then showing up to a house where the child is sitting in the window waiting for us to come and hearing the words yelled throughout the neighborhood. The bounce house is here!!!!!

Bounce USA, providing Western New York families with unforgettable memories.

Buffalo, NY

33 to 38 F

9 mph

34 to 38 F

4 mph

38 to 45 F

6 mph

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13 mph

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